Joe Biden's feigned helplessness on the southern border is a complete farce

POLITICS: Joe Biden’s feigned helplessness on the southern border is a complete farce

President Biden is trying to play helpless on the border crisis — don’t buy it.

On Tuesday, Joe claimed he’d “done all I can do” to fix the border and blamed Republicans for holding up a $106 billion national security package that he says would give him “new emergency authority to shut down the border when it becomes overwhelmed.”

Yet that section of the bill is neither public nor finalized — and the prez already has the authority to shut it down whenever he deems necessary.

Which should be now, since the border is overwhelmed — and has been since Biden took office and undid all the Trump measures to secure the border, which were working.

Biden could end his policy of catch-and-release and instruct federal agents to detain border-crossers tomorrow if he wanted to.

He could make it clear to migrants on their way through Mexico that they’ll no longer be welcomed with open arms, but held until their asylum claims are resolved — which will take years.

Of course, acting now would make it crystal clear he had the power to end this mess from the start.

Polls show Americans growing increasingly anxious over the migrant crisis, and even the most party-loyal Democratic mayors and governors are begging the White House to step up.

Biden, who’s spent three years denying the crisis and allowing millions of migrants to pour through, now solemnly declares: “We all know the border’s been broken,” and “It’s long past time to fix it,” as if someone else has been sitting in the Oval Office all this time.

“Just give me the power. . . . I’ve asked from the very day I got into office,” he lies.

No: He’s asked for more resources to wave the migrants along, and for laws that let him fully legalize them.

Heck, even the bill he says would let him fix everything is stalled in good measure because Democrats won’t go along with limits on the president’s power to end-run current law by “paroling” millions of migrants who don’t even comply with the rules for seeking asylum.

The dumbest thing about his “powerless” line, though, is that it leaves voters who want action no choice but to opt for a candidate who says he (or she) can and will deliver action, not lame excuses.

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