Letters to the Editor — Feb. 4, 2024

POLITICS: Letters to the Editor — Feb. 4, 2024

Plagiarism pros

Another day, another Harvard bureaucrat accused of plagiarism (“Harvard hit with new stain,” Jan. 31).

Harvard’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Sherri Ann Charleston is accused of appropriating more than 40 citations from other writers, including her own husband. Charleston allegedly lifted dozens of citations and phrases for her 2009 doctoral dissertation at the University of Michigan.

The cycle continues. Either no one bothers to fact-check published research, or “peer reviewed” associates rubber-stamp each other’s writings in the hopes of getting similar treatment for their own work.

It seems academic rigor has been replaced with academic rigor mortis at this once-venerable institution.

Ray Starman, Albany

Bibi’s baggage

President Biden continues to support Israel in its war on terror and is fighting for approval for additional military aid (“Bibi: this is your war as well,” Douglas Muray, Jan. 30).

Unfortunately, it has become harder to work with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is on trial in Israel for bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

While facing corruption charges, Netanyahu attempted to limit the power of the Israeli Supreme Court, which threw Israel into chaos to the point that military reservists refused to report for duty in protest, months before the Oct. 7 attack.

In his interview with Murray, Netanyahu suggests the United States should go to war with Iran. American lives should not be sacrificed so Netanyahu can stay in power. Netanyahu’s policies of the last two decades have been a deadly failure. Israel needs new leadership.

Frank Pastirchak, Yonkers

Farewell, Rivera

Chita Rivera was a wonderful entertainer (“An ‘America’ hero dies,” Jan. 31).

She was always professional and gracious when dealing with the press and her adoring fanbase. She contributed so much to the entertainment world during her seven decades-long career on stage.

Rivera was a true legend in her own right, and will be sorely missed by everyone. Hollywood has lost another shining star, but she will not be forgotten. Rest in peace, Rivera. Your fans will always remember you!

John Amato, Fresh Meadows

Pumpkin smile

The Mona Lisa is famous for the subject’s mouth, specifically her smile (“Mona Lisa slime,” Jan. 31).
So it’s understandable that a few protesters tossed pumpkin soup at the painting to see if Mona’s iconic mouth might twitch. I’m all for this type of mischievous behavior. Why not spice up the stuffy art world with spices? Nutmeg is a good place to start. The only problem with art is that, while beautiful, it’s not edible.

Oliver Mosier, Brooklyn

Felons League

Public figures discussing their past lives on talk shows tend to come across as disingenuous (“New Panthers coach authored book on his porn, booze addiction,” Feb. 1).

One suspects their objective is to get ahead of what others will eventually find out.

I wish Dave Canales well in his new gig as head coach. (He’s going to need it.) But his former private life should be a non-starter, especially in football.

Porn and binge drinking aren’t exactly up there with domestic abuse, possession of illegal firearms, DWIs and the rest of the bad deeds that plague the game. Commenters have good reason to sarcastically label the NFL: National Felons League.

Vincent Ruggiero, Scottsdale, Ariz.

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