Letters to the Editor — March 17, 2023

POLITICS: Letters to the Editor — March 17, 2023

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The Issue: Gov. Ron DeSantis’ comment that the war between Russia and Ukraine is a “territorial dispute.”

I would like to commend The Post for keeping the war in Ukraine on the front page, especially after Florida Gov. Ron Desantis’ alarming remarks (“Ron’s Sad Ukraine Dodge,” Editorial, March 15).

I understand he has a Republican primary to win first, but he will lose the general election in 2024 going down this road.

Can you imagine what world we would live in today if President Ronald Reagan said, “Let’s not entangle ourselves in this territorial dispute,” instead of “tear down this wall”?

Daniel Kuncio


Contrary to your March 15 editorial, I think former President Trump and Gov. DeSantis are right.

We should not let the media propel us into an unnecessary, unwinnable and potentially catastrophic war with Russia.

Please remember that Russian President Vladimir Putin is only one of dozens of ruthless dictators on this planet.

Robert Miller

Princeton, NJ

DeSantis is wrong in suggesting that support for Ukraine affects other concerns, such as securing our southern border — as though it were an either-or situation.

During the buildup to World War II, Adolf Hitler could have been stopped before he had conquered almost the entire continent of Europe if the United States had stepped in.

Leaving the invaded countries of Europe to fight it out alone led to the greatest war in history. Allowing Hitler to take “just a little piece” of Czechoslovakia was all the incentive he needed to invade other countries.

Putin has learned from history. He has taken just “a little piece” of Moldova and Georgia and “just” the Donbas and Crimea from Ukraine. The West did nothing. So, why not take all of Ukraine? What’s next?

No, Gov. DeSantis, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is far from a “territorial dispute” — as the vulnerable nations of Europe who were victims of Hitler’s aggression are well aware.

Marie Middleton

Covington, La.

Usually a staunch supporter of The Post’s opinions, I object to the arguments in your editorial.

You argue that a nation with a $7 trillion budget can aid Ukraine. But you don’t mention our spiraling budget deficits since COVID. Nor do you mention our national debt that exceeds $30 trillion.

We’re failing at addressing our own problems. Off-the-charts illegal immigration, fentanyl deaths, inflation and financial institutions collapsing before our eyes.

Not only can’t we walk and chew gum simultaneously, but our failures show we can’t do either independently.

And the argument a Russian success means it and China will move to topple other nations reeks of the logic we used in Vietnam and the Mideast. And doesn’t giving away our technology weaken us?

While I feel terrible for the Ukrainian people and condemn Putin’s invasion, DeSantis has it right.

Ed Simnor

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Let me get this straight. Ron DeSantis, an Ivy graduate, believes that involvement in the war in the Ukraine is not in the interests of the United States, the country that instigated NATO in anticipation of just such aggressive, bellicose behavior?

An invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign nation, by Russia is tantamount in DeSantis’ mind to a “territorial dispute.” Are the atrocities by Russian soldiers, such as the bombing of orphanages and daycare centers and the resulting deaths of so many Ukrainian children merely part of that dispute?

I guess he wouldn’t take issue if Canada attempted to reannex such “territories” as the Upper Peninsula and Detroit.

Lou Maione


I disagree with continuing the ongoing quagmire of Ukraine.

Have we forgotten the incrementalism of Vietnam, where we kept upping the ante in support of a corrupt regime?

Rather than stringing this out for “as long as it takes,” we should be asking, “Why has it taken so long?”

We’re going to end up losing many more than the 58,000 who died in vain in the jungle.

James Evans

Worcester, Mass.

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