Migrant dogs tragedy proves Biden cares as little about pooches as people

POLITICS: Migrant dogs tragedy proves Biden cares as little about pooches as people

Here’s another bone to pick with President Biden’s cruel open-border policies: The humanitarian disaster has spread into the animal kingdom, bringing misery and suffering to dogs. 

That’s right: helpless, innocent dogs

Post reporters this month spotted dozens of family dogs living as strays thronging the public lands around Eagle Pass, Texas, a hugely popular entry site across the southern border. 

Border Patrol agents try to place them in overwhelmed shelters; National Guardsmen try to feed the poor pups. 

Migrant families bring them on the dangerous trek to the United States, then learn that rules around animal entry mean they can’t take the pets into processing centers or on most flights or buses onward into the interior.

So the migrants let the pups go to fend for themselves, amid terrible conditions and hunger. 

Heartbreaking for families and for the hounds.

A dog rests under a Humvee at Shelby Park on Monday, January 29, 2024, in Eagle Pass, Texas. James Keivom

But …

People who bring their dogs along as they travel through jungles and across mountains and deserts to reach our border are clearly not fleeing in search of asylum.

They’re migrating to pursue economic opportunity — specifically, enough that they can provide not only for their kids but for their pets as well. 

Indeed, migrants are reportedly bringing a whole variety of pets, including guinea pigs

Not the behavior of people desperately fleeing oppression. 

Meanwhile, the population of strays and their litters is growing and will eventually go feral, while many of the pups come from countries with high rabies rates, so this presents yet another second-order problem for Americans who live near the border

The fanatics of PETA, of course, want Biden to let the pooches through: No canine being is illegal!

The prez can’t even manage his own dogs, which keep biting people: They’re props, not pets.

But he’s cold to all the suffering his border madness brings, from deadly fentanyl smuggling to the financial cost to cities like New York and Chicago to booming underground economies and criminal migrant gangs.

The canine crisis only puts another set of sad faces on the nightmare. 

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