Nancy Pelosi blames Russia for pro-Palestine protests

POLITICS: Nancy Pelosi blames Russia for pro-Palestine protests

Is that Nancy Pelosi wearing a tinfoil hat and waiting for a spaceship to come scoop her up?

Yes, the former Speaker of the House is now the Speaker of Conspiracy Theories.

The California Democrat went on CNN this week to give a winding explanation for the rampant, hate-spewing, anti-Israel protests gridlocking American cities since Hamas terrorists’ unprovoked Oct. 7 attack that killed 1,200.

No-Evidence Nancy claims the stateside demonstrations are the result of — what else? — Russian interference.

She is definitely, kinda, mostly, sort of, pretty sure of this. 

“For [protestors] to call for a cease-fire is Mr. Putin’s message,” pivoting Pelosi told Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” in the shaky whisper of a disturbed person rambling to an uncomfortable stranger on a park bench. 

“Make no mistake, this is directly connected to what he would like to see. Same thing with Ukraine. It’s about Putin’s message. I think some of these protesters are spontaneous and organic and sincere. Some, I think, are connected to Russia.”

The Speaker of the Hearsay added, without providing any pesky proof, that “some financing should be investigated. And I want to ask the FBI to investigate that.”

Get out your magnifying glass, Nancy Drew.

Nancy Pelosi told CNN that “Some [anti-Israel protests], I think, are connected to Russia.” AFP via Getty Images

To the congresswoman’s credit, she strongly believes Israel must wipe out Hamas. And, true, Moscow’s envoy to the United Nations has increasingly taken anti-Israel positions. The Kremlin has meddled in US affairs before.

But this is her answer when Bash rightly asked about the party’s concerns over “anger in some corners of the progressive movement” pointed at President Biden and his handling of the Israel-Hamas war as he approaches reelection with dismal approval numbers? 

It’s Russia’s fault? 


Pelosi said she believes Russia could be financing the protest groups. “I want to ask the FBI to investigate that,” she said. AP

That out-of-touch response is the equivalent of Kyle’s mom shouting “Blame Canada!” in the “South Park” movie, except Mrs. Broflovski made a far better case for her argument.

Yeah, Nancy, the issue driving national protests and discontent with the president couldn’t possibly be rising antisemitism among young Democrats that began long before Oct. 7 and has festered for years on college campuses and social media.

Did Putin slide into the DMs of university presidents Claudine Gay, Elizabeth Magill and Sally Kornbluth to demand they say at a congressional hearing that calls for the genocide of Jews on campuses do not necessarily amount to hate speech?

I think nyet.

A December poll from The Economist/YouGov found that 20% of Americans aged 18-29 think the Holocaust is a myth.

Remember that, well before the war began, the US saw its highest-ever number of antisemitic incidents in 2022, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Last winter in Manhattan, neo-Nazis protested the Broadway musical “Parade” about a lynched Jewish man.

Then, this past October in New York City — as blue an enclave as it gets — anti-Jewish hate crimes jumped 214% in the wake of the war, according to the NYPD.

And alarmingly, a December poll from The Economist/YouGov — not Pravda, Nancy! — found that 1 in 5 Americans aged 18-29 believe the Holocaust is a myth.

But why get to the root causes of bigotry in the Democratic Party, such as hate-mongering professors, and actually solve a pressing problem when we can just start another Russia inquiry instead?

Anti-Jewish hate crimes jumped 214% in October, according to the NYPD. Gina M Randazzo/ZUMA Press Wire /

Pelosi, in offering zilch to back up her claims, is actually beginning to resemble some of the GOP politicians across the aisle she abhors who rail non-stop against China’s influence on TikTok and maintain the disproven notion that the 2020 election was stolen.

There is no difference in what she’s doing.

Except it backfired.

Rather than firming up the Democratic base, her farfetched “Russia, Russia, Russia” ploy has only irked the youth-filled Palestinian advocacy groups who don’t want their offensive rage credited to Red Square.

Perhaps, Nancy, you shouldn’t spout off unproven accusations on national TV. Perhaps try behaving like an elected official and not someone who lives off cans of Chef Boyardee in a bunker in Montana.

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