New York Post founder Alexander Hamilton's DC statue needs an upgrade

POLITICS: New York Post founder Alexander Hamilton’s DC statue needs an upgrade

Buffing up Hamilton

1801 Alexander Hamilton founded us with $10,000 and then, for our hero’s journalistic smarts, got himself a statue.

But then historic Alex’s image got bombarded.

Pigeons. Poops not scoops.

All upon the head of DC’s bronzed Mr. Hamilton.

Cost a quarter of a mil to clean off our hero’s goop.

Another time to polish him up they sprung for $400,000.

To re-juice the New York Post founder, they’re poised to give his ­pedestal another overhaul.

If the new price is steep, Hunter may have to chip in. 

Everyone’s politicked off

More political poop around than inside a 3-month-old’s diapers.

Oozed out of a Trumper: “Nikki’s backers are backing away. She’s as ambitious as Lucifer, but without the integrity . . .”

Also: The Dem Party does not! want Kamala inching toward the presidency.

Also: Michelle’s zero warmth and lovability level — pre-White House days — is below the Titanic’s so she’s not inspiring gigantic hopes.

An A-1 issue is illegal immigration. Dem mayors flunk if this goes on. No one wants migrants shoved into their cities, grabbing free things while their neighbors suffer crime, bad schools, inflation.

Millions being spent on giving migrants housing, money, food, phone, free health care. Trump will make the border a huge issue.

Parents will vote no on Dems as their schools suffer an influx of migrants who don’t speak English.

In this election, nothing’s normal. Some Republicans won’t support Trump, some Dems loathe Biden. Many may stay home altogether.

Cases against Trump, politically driven, will blow up.

We’re told NY’s defamation case, just decided, origin over 20 years old, damaged a person’s name and fame. However, others of her vintage asked to recall her fame and name could not.

One more unhappiness: far-right ideology disappearing from Germany? Not! It’s now many followers. If economy’s weak, people look where to blame.

The same 1930 ideology’s happening again. Germany’s underlying culture hasn’t changed.

Ruff news biz

To burnish my ab fab reportorial ability, to prove my mighty value, I’m recently told my ability has gone to the dogs.

Whatever’s Neon films offered an interview with its “Anatomy of a Fall” star. A lead? No. A dog. Border collie. Big break as: Snoop. On Zoom. “Best Supporting Canine” is no category even in Westminster’s Kennel Club Dog Show.

What would I ask? Can you roll over? Pee on cue? Figures this hound’s very nice but I am passing. I’ll leave him/her/it for the Boston Globe. 

So what would’ve happened on that immortal historic day had the Almighty sent three Wise Women to Bethlehem instead of those three guys?

Answer: They would have arrived in time because they’d have used a car with a real driver. They’d have helped deliver The Baby. They would then also tidy up the stable. Made a tuna casserole. And done a shtick on “The Real Housewives of the Universe.”

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