NYC's DA Bragg endangers public safety with soft-on-migrants approach

POLITICS: NYC’s DA Bragg endangers public safety with soft-on-migrants approach

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is suddenly moving to jail the migrant cop-beaters, which we guess shows that scorching headlines can have some impact.

The DA’s office let five migrants walk after their arraignment in the wake of last week’s outrageous caught-on-video assault on two cops in Times Square.

So homeless thugs who entered the country illegally and with no community ties simply got released — and proceeded to leave the state.

The charges were clearly bail-eligible, but Bragg now claims his hands were tied by the no-bail law, since his prosecutors couldn’t prove these defendants were the guys on the tape when it came time to request bail.

The cops’ testimony wasn’t enough to even ask?

And if the law does tie his hands even when it comes to obvious flight risks assaulting police officers, why hasn’t he been screaming about that madness since taking office, if not before?

More changes as clearly in order here.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis points to the laws banning cooperation between the NYPD, state courts and ICE, which left immigration officials helpless to do anything about the now-absconded suspects.

In 2014 and 2018, then-Mayor Bill de Blasio signed off on measures limiting cooperation with federal immigration officials in any enforcement activities.

And then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo — now playing tough on the migrant crisis as he floats a run for mayor — signed a 2017 executive order that prevents ICE agents from detaining an illegal immigrant charged with a crime in a state courthouse or in transit to court for a hearing.

If Gov. Hochul wants to put meat on her suggestion that deporting the asylum-seeking suspects is “something that should be looked at” (before later amending that to deport them all), then she should kill Cuomo’s “don’t work with ICE” order immediately.

Anti-police, pro-criminal state legislators and their City Council counterparts are also culpable in this outrage against law enforcement, the rule of law and public safety.

Getting to criminal-justice sanity requires holding Bragg and every crook-coddling progressive elected official (and their moderate enablers) accountable for this latest outrage against the social order.

Lip service after the fact is meaningless: What are they going to do to ensure the next criminal migrants face justice?

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