Real disinfo on CRT, Tim Scott’s path to victory and other commentary

POLITICS: Real disinfo on CRT, Tim Scott’s path to victory and other commentary

From the right: Real Disinfo on CRT

Per a recent study, around 80% of Americans who have heard of Critical Race Theory “did not know that colorblindness” is not part of CRT, observe Max Eden & Michael Hartney at City Journal. In that group, “nearly half favored teaching it in schools;” among those who knew “CRT stands against colorblindness, fewer than 20 percent” backed it. While “nine out of ten Americans” favor “treating all Americans equally without regard to race,” “Americans who relied the most on television news and social media were far more likely to believe, wrongly, that CRT embraces color-blind principles.” This “manufactured belief that CRT is merely a continuation of civil rights–era efforts” provides “valuable cover” for “race-conscious policies and practices.”

Courts beat: Dems Are the True Bullies

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Ma.) justifies his push to pack the Supreme Court by claiming Democrats need to counter Republicans who’ve acted like a bully who “steals your lunch money” in OK’ing justices, notes the Washington Examiner editorial board. Yet “the bullying has all been” from Markey’s side: Dems targeted nominees from Judge Robert Bork to now-Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, “refused to advance a stunning 53” of President George H.W. Bush’s lower-court nominees and “broke 220 years of tradition” by sinking nominations via filibuster. Meanwhile, “not a single Democratic Supreme Court nomination in more than half a century has been in doubt,” with no Democratic appellate-court nominees being “subjected to personal character assassinations the way Republican nominees have.”

Conservative: Whose Abortion Extremism?

“In the months since the Supreme Court returned abortion to the democratic process, politics has broken out across America,” cheers The Wall Journal’s William McGurn. “The leading contenders to head the 2024 Republican ticket — former president Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis” are clashing over a law “that bans abortion in Florida after six weeks.” And “it’s no secret that Democrats plan to use abortion to paint Republicans as extremists” in ’24. So the GOP must “put the focus on Democrat extremism,” e.g. by asking why Dems oppose a ban after 12 weeks, “a restriction that leaves 99% of abortions untouched?” In reality, “Americans want to keep abortion legal but also support limits,” but the Democratic Party “is not for any limits.” Republicans “need to break through the protective media barrier and drive that home to the American people.”

Republican: Tim Scott’s Path to Victory

“Conservatives are ready and willing to elect a Black man to the White House. It just has to be somebody who shares their values and their vision of a Judeo-Christian and free-market republic,” declares The Hill’s John Feehery. Sen. Tim Scott “is pro-life, pro-faith, anti-tax and anti-regulation,” with “a rich record of legislative and political accomplishment.” While “pretty much everybody assumes” the nominee will be Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, they might “so badly damage each other” that “the voters look somewhere else to find peace and quiet competence.” Scott “doesn’t have to get into the mud pit with the former president. That’s not his style anyway.” He could become the “alternative,” and “it is not as much of a long shot as you might think.” He “is a political survivor who always goes into tough races as the underdog but always seems to come out on top.”

Gadfly: Jersey’s Telling Take on ‘COVID Relief’

Was “promoting the spectacle of two men in shorts bashing each other into hamburger meat” what “the Biden administration had in mind when crafting plans for pandemic relief two years ago”? asks The Bergen Record’s Charles Stile. Because “$3.5 million from the State Fiscal Recovery Fund, a stockpile of COVID-19 relief,” is going “to help underwrite” a “May 6 mixed martial arts event.” Likewise, $12 million to help build “the New Jersey Hall of Fame Entertainment and Learning Center.” In all, “the list of projects that will see COVID-19 relief dollars is a dead ringer for a late-June menu of Trenton pork.”

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