Ronna McDaniel’s NBC News firing is must-see-tv that proves leftist media set rules they never follow

POLITICS: Ronna McDaniel’s NBC News firing is must-see-tv that proves leftist media set rules they never follow

The “Mean Girls” pile-on at NBC against Ronna McDaniel is the perfect demonstration of what bullies all these leftists are — while pretending to be paragons of compassion and empathy. 

They lecture everyone else about the evil of bullying and impose disastrous “anti-bullying” measures on schools only because they want to reserve this instrument of social control for themselves. 

When they attack a defenseless person in mob fashion, mock them, denigrate them, punch them in the face and then kick them while they’re down, it’s not bullying.

You must understand that the rules they set for us don’t apply to them, because they are the Chosen Few, the selfless TV anchors embarked on a crucial mission.

They are always saving “democracy,” defending the underdog, “Speaking Truth to Power” or, in McDaniel’s case, preserving the “Sacred Airwaves” of NBC and its crazy sister in the attic, MSNBC. 

By hiring the former Republican National Committee Chair and Trump protectee, “What we’ve . . . said to election deniers is not just that they can do that on our airwaves, but they can do that as one of us, a badge-carrying employee of NBC News, as paid contributors to our sacred airwaves.”

That’s an actual quote from MSNBC anchor Nicolle don’t-forget-the-L Wallace. 

Joy Reid was her usual calm, measured self.

Hiring McDaniel “is not fairness and balance; that is capitulating to an autocrat in advance by saying, ‘Yes, we will take your apparatchik and allow them to be elevated and platformed with us.’ ” 

Wacky Psaki spin 

Jen Psaki, recently released from her role as professional prevaricator on behalf of the White House (“Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo”) told us earnestly that all she has ever done is “serve the American people,” unlike that liar McDaniel: “This isn’t about red versus blue. This is about truth versus lies. Service to the country versus service to one man committed to toppling our democratic system . . . Our democracy is in danger because of the lies that people like Ronna McDaniel have pushed on this country.” 

Then with a straight face she quoted Liz Cheney, Bush’s WMD-pushing VP Dick Cheney’s daughter, now an MSNBC darling.

You really can’t make it up. 

“Bad decisions will inevitably happen,” Rachel Maddow opined, addressing her bosses at NRCDNC HQ who reportedly pay her $30 million a year for one show a week.

“Mistakes will be made. But part of our resilience as a democracy is going to be us recognizing when decisions are bad ones, and reversing those bad decisions.” . . . Take a minute. Acknowledge that maybe it wasn’t the right call. It is a sign of strength, not weakness, to acknowledge when you are wrong.” 

They got their wish.

NBC bosses caved in to the bullying of their underlings this week and ousted McDaniel from her $300,000 contributor job after just one interview. 

Nothing stirs the passions of the network’s sanctimonious “talent” more than the taste of fresh blood, and when the former RNC and Trump protectee chair McDaniel was hired as a talking head by NBC bosses, she was chum in the water of their disregard. 

As usual it’s projection from them.

They have the vapors and take to the fainting couch when Donald Trump bullies someone — but that’s because they recognize a fellow traveler. 

They just hate that someone on the right is as effective as they are at pulling the wings off his enemies before publicly disemboweling them to the roar of a crowd whose bloodlust they have stoked. 

If you ever misspend any time watching MSNBC, you will know what I’m talking about. 

Hypocrisy and gaslighting are the least of it.

It’s a colosseum of hatred, with the valiant anchor-gladiators spewing venomous lies as if they are on Radio Rwanda at the height of the genocide against the Tutsis, only the “cockroaches” this time are “MAGA” Republicans. 

Every day it’s the same drumbeat.

Worse than Hitler.

White supremacists.

Literal Nazis. 

Trump is literally Hitler.

Democracy is literally at stake.

Jan. 6 was literally worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined.

Joe Biden is literally the messiah.

Hunter Biden literally did nothing wrong.

And so on. 

Nicolle Wallace of the sacred airwaves was White House communications director and apologist for the George W. Bush administration’s Iraq War and Weapons of Mass Destruction lies. 

They really, really really want Republicans on their air to project balance, but only useful idiots like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger who hate Trump as much as they do. 

But, honestly, they have to hold their nose around them because they’re “conservatives.”

You have to buy into abortion on demand and DEI, and transgender kids and the rest of the ten woke commandments to be able to share their sacred airwaves. 

Left shields its own 

They’re just so worried about exposing their audience to lies and yet they still cling to the lies that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation and the Steele Dossier was real.

They are so concerned about election denialism that they showcase election deniers Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams any chance they can.

They are so against liars that they can’t get enough of John Brennan and James Clapper’s venomous takes on Donald Trump, after the pair of them notoriously lied to Congress.

The number of former spooks that infest the sacred airwaves could give Twitter X a run for its money. 

Whatever you think of Ronna McDaniel, and I don’t think much, nobody deserves that kind of ritual character assassination. 

The White House approves of their bullying, according to an anonymous senior Biden campaign official who told Politico it was “heartening seeing members of the free press drawing a line and saying we will not normalize someone who actively worked to undermine and deconstruct our democracy.” 

You can only hope that Joe Biden and his team keep bathing in the “sacred airwaves,”, keep injecting daily doses of “Morning Joe” sycophancy into their veins and remain in their bubble with the handful of Resistance wine moms still left in the NBC audience. 

It will distract them from the reality of how America really views the Biden administration. 

As James Carville — about the last Democrat left outside the bubble — tells Trump Derangement sufferer Rob Reiner in a new documentary: “I don’t think people [on the left] really appreciate how bad Joe Biden’s poll numbers are. When you look at them it’s like walking in on your grandmother naked. You can’t unsee them. No matter how hard you try.” 

At some point, self delusion becomes self harm. 

Congest madness puts us at risk

Don’t say Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams haven’t done anything for this city.

They watched on benignly Wednesday as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted to forge ahead with the insane new $15 congestion toll for motorists in Manhattan who want to drive south of Central Park, thus driving up the cost of everything in this beleaguered city. 

The motivation supposedly is to force more people out of their nice, clean, safe cars and onto the subway.

What exquisite timing, just after another victim of a deranged lunatic was pushed to his death in front of a train.

Those in charge really do hate us. 

All the best.

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