Trump struggles to pay $454M penalty in NY: Letters

POLITICS: Trump struggles to pay $454M penalty in NY: Letters

The Issue: Former President Donald Trump’s path forward in paying a $454 million penalty.

It is distressing that former President Donald Trump, a self-proclaimed billionaire, can’t find anybody to post a bond for him (“Trump’s $454M plan: zilch,” March 20).

There are two obvious reasons. The first is that he is not as rich as he claims to be. The second is that everybody knows that Trump will not win his appeal and the bond will not be repaid.

Alan Podhaizer


Dollars to doughnuts, Attorney General Letitia James already knows which penthouse office she’ll be putting her nameplate on. The Dems are salivating over their potential new acquisition: Trump Tower.

The political arena has effectively turned into “Game of Thrones.” It is so disheartening. Luckily Trump is savvier than an entire tower’s worth of Democrats. He’ll find a way out of this.

Donna Skjeveland


Letitia James is bound to fulfill her longtime pledge to bring down Trump.

She initiated legal action against him and now that he has been found guilty, she seeks to bankrupt Trump by taking his buildings.

Is there no end to the nefarious actions taken against this man? This is clearly a political move to ruin Trump’s campaign for the presidency and destroy him financially.

David Shapiro


The article suggesting Trump would allow officials to seize Trump Tower is an interesting twist, one I believe will blow up in James’ face (“His towers may tumble,” March 19).

Seizing the building is an expensive prospect. Trump would pull all his personnel and leave it to the state to run things.

James is grinning like the Cheshire Cat and has no clue Trump Tower would be a huge problem for her. I look forward to watching this play out.

James Barends

Wayne, Pa.

Trump has always preferred to live off someone else’s money.

In 2023 he spent more than $55 million of donors’ cash on his legal bills. That money came from Super PACs.

If you’ve donated to his campaign, your money was used to pay lawyers. Once again, Trump is gaming the system at our expense.

Mike Barrett

Ashburn, Va.

The Issue: The Environmental Protection Agency announces new climate regulations on vehicle pollution.

The would-be defenders of the American middle class are once again showing their contempt for the public (“Joe revving up war on gas cars,” March 21).

Never mind that most Americans don’t want to drive electric vehicles and many won’t be able to afford them. Democrats are nonetheless determined to force them on us from above, in a manner that borders on being autocratic.

Americans need to wake up: Freedom of choice is at stake. Democrats are not just out of touch, they are out of control.

Gary Mottola


President Biden, caving to the environmentalists, has declared war on gasoline powered vehicles.

He is creating a market where consumers will likely end up being forced to buy electric cars and trucks.
At the same time, we are warned that disposing of tiny lithium batteries is potentially a fire hazard. Yet driving around with a huge lithium ion battery in a car is okay? Go figure.

Walter Goldeski

East Brunswick, NJ

Freedom of choice to purchase vehicles that use petroleum is under attack.

Dems have weaponized the EPA to advance their green agenda, ignoring the hardships it will cause for the people.

Robert Neglia

The Bronx

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