Trump's brash style hurts his 2024 election odds: Letters

POLITICS: Trump’s brash style hurts his 2024 election odds: Letters

The Issue: Former President Donald Trump’s chances at beating President Biden in the general election.

I could not agree with The Post’s editorial more (“Trump’s Choice,” Editorial, Jan. 25).

If former President Donald Trump spoke more presidentially and stuck to the key issues, he would have the support of my wife, aunts and many other suburban females, and he would he win the election. Jan. 6 is over and in the past.

Albert DeFilippo

East Haven, Conn.

The recent editorial suggests that Trump needs to tone down his rhetoric.

However, Trump’s political opposition has manufactured false accusations of Russian collusion and indicted him on trumped-up charges — all in Democratic jurisdictions by ultra-liberal prosecutors.

They have also brought his family in front of congressional committees and threatened to jail them if they don’t comply. His home was even raided by the FBI, among many other things.

We’ve had candidates like Sen. Mitt Romney and former Sen. John McCain who turned the other cheek while being ravaged by the opposing party — a strategy that didn’t seem to work.

Trump does not need to tone down his rhetoric as he is just fighting back.

Michael Walker

Staten Island

The Post is saying the same nonsense about Trump and how he should behave to get elected, bad-mouthing the guy who was and will again be the best modern-day president this country has ever seen.

With the current circumstances, I don’t see how anyone would vote for a Democrat.

Put your feelings aside and do the right thing for a man that has been a gift to our country. Don’t let him slip away.

Gary Vogler

Pennington, NJ

Although I agree with most of The Post’s editorial, I found one section to be misleading.

The statement that Trump only beat Nikki Haley by 11 points is misleading, as a plurality of the votes for her came from independents. Of the percentage of Republican voters, Trump won by a landslide.

Trump is constantly telling people of his good record during his four years as president. With that in mind, I think he is on the right track to win another four years.

Richard Ketay


The Issue: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to lay down razor wire on the border amid legal battles.

Bravo to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for doing everything to protect the citizens of Texas from an illegal invasion (“Boy, that Abbott’s a real live wire,” Jan. 25).

Texas’ border towns are overwhelmed and bearing the brunt of President Biden’s open-border policy. Meanwhile, our nation is running out of resources to house and care for millions of migrants.

Biden owns several houses in Delaware and there is extra space in the White House. However, we haven’t seen him offering to house any of the homeless migrants, despite willfully opening the border on Day 1 of his presidency.

If more elected leaders stood up to Biden as Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have, we wouldn’t be in the midst of the worst border crisis in recent memory.

JoAnn Frank

Clearwater, Fla.

Democrats hail the recent Supreme Court ruling as a win for them. It is, however, a win for Republicans.
Americans are tired of what’s going on at the border, and the fact that the government is now trying to take down Texas’ razor-wire fences — which keeps migrants out — is going to enrage most Americans.

How can the Democrats think this will win them any votes?

Brenda Hodgkiss

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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