Why Biden and the Democrats are losing black and Hispanic voters

POLITICS: Why Biden and the Democrats are losing black and Hispanic voters

Democrats treat American citizens like a naïve spouse who thinks she’s in a monogamous relationship despite the obvious signs otherwise.

When we seek financial support, they’re supposedly broke, but they are always willing to go into deep debt for their new, more exotic mistresses.

Now the Democratic establishment’s brazen disregard for our prosperity has forced even its most loyal voter bases to give up their gullibility and consider another relationship.

New Gallup polling shows 66% of black adults identify as Democrat or Democrat-leaning while 19% say they’re Republican or Republican-leaning.

That’s a marked change from 2020, when 77% of black adults identified as Democrats and 11% as Republicans.

This party shift can also be seen among Hispanics, with 47% identifying as Democrat or Democrat-leaning and 35% identifying as Republican or Republican-leaning.

Just three years ago, 57% of Hispanics identified as Democrats and 26% as Republicans, marking a 10-percentage-point drop in support for the Democratic Party.

There has been no change in white Americans’ support for Democrats, though: It remains at 54%, the same as in 2020.

Concerns over the economy, like inflation, and culture issues might play a factor in the shift, but I believe the primary reason lies in illegal immigration’s unique effect on these groups.

The four states with the highest percentage of Hispanic Americans all border Mexico (Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona) — meaning they’re at the front lines of the humanitarian crisis at our southern border.

Biden’s reversal of Donald Trump’s stay-in-Mexico order for asylum seekers marked the beginning of a disaster for these states’ taxpayers, who bear the economic burden for managing human beings entering our country unlawfully and without resources.

Hispanic Americans in Texas see their state spend $850 million a year on illegal immigrants and hold President Biden responsible for running up the tab.

Despite rampant homelessness, increased crime and poor educational results in the mess that is California, last year the Golden State became the first state to offer illegal immigrants health-care coverage, costing an estimated $6.5 billion a year.

Border states like Texas became overwhelmed with managing the massive influx of individuals and started sending migrants to large Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities across the country, like New York City and Chicago, which coincidentally have considerably sized black populations.

Sixty percent of black Americans live in 10 states that have the country’s largest and most notable cities, and they’re feeling the effects of immigrants’ arrival more than ever before.

Black Americans in urban city centers like Chicago watch as their city officials sacrifice their community centers and neighborhoods to house people who aren’t supposed to be here — and aren’t interested in gaining their black residents’ approval to do so.

Many black Americans see their local Democratic politicians’ willingness to splash cash on their new migrant constituency, even incurring debt to sustain this new relationship, though for years they’ve cried poverty when black citizens requested legitimate support.

Though not a single student in 55 of Chicago’s schools are proficient in math or reading, Windy City Democrats are demonstrating their primary interest is in fostering a relationship with their foreign mistresses by divorcing their concerns for the prosperity of American children, especially the black ones.

Even with so much violent crime committed in Chicago, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s budget eliminates 833 police positions from keeping residents safe but disregards its half-billion-dollar deficit to take care of migrant newcomers.

The Biden administration’s negligence in protecting our borders from foreign nationals entering illegally has fueled the economies of Mexican cartels engaged in human trafficking, siphoned resources from towns and cities across the country and introduced an unmanageable humanitarian crisis that appears unsustainable to everyone except Democratic politicians.

It’s hard to remain oblivious about an affair when the person you’re in a relationship with isn’t even trying to hide it.

So when Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy talks on MSNBC about “the people we [Democrats] care about most, the undocumented Americans that are in this country,” it’s clear the Democratic Party is trying to break up with you.

The political romance is gone, and the Democrats have moved on: It’s time for us to do the same.

Adam B. Coleman is the author of “Black Victim to Black Victor” and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. Follow him on Substack: adambcoleman.substack.com.

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