Woke El Paso judge's order will provoke more border mobs

POLITICS: Woke El Paso judge’s order will provoke more border mobs

New York isn’t the only town plagued by let-’em-loose judges: You can even find them in Texas.

On Sunday, El Paso Judge Humberto Acosta ordered the release of members of the migrant mob charged with “riot participation” in that March 21 stampede, tearing down razor wire along the Rio Grande and bum-rushing the border.

It’s not clear how many migrants Acosta cleared to go — or whether the rioters who injured National Guard troops during the surge will also be freed — but the judge cited “hundreds of arrestees” whose right to individual detention hearings within 48 hours was being violated.

El Paso Judge Humberto Acosta ordered the release of members of the migrant mob that rushed the border last month. James Breeden for NY Post

Violated because the (surely overwhelmed) district attorney’s office failed to file the cases in time, prompting Assistant District Attorney Ashley Martinez to request that the hearings be held at a later date, which Acosta denied.

That is: If representatives of law and order can’t follow procedures exactly by the book, criminals must get let off the hook completely on a technicality.

“If the DA’s office is telling me that they are not ready to go, what we’re going to do is we’re going to release all these individuals on their own recognizance,” Acosta said.

Sorry: How can El Paso DA Bill Hicks be expected to handle the normal arrests in his city, plus the crimes associated with the hundreds of thousands of illegal border-jumpers the Biden team has released in El Paso — and handle a sudden surge like this, without missing the occasional court deadline?

Woke judges like Acosta ignore the spirit of the law while using the letter to embolden and enable law-breakers.

To see the fruits of that, look to the violence disorder in blue cities like New York.

And expect more bordering-charging mobs once word spreads that the local judge is handing out get-out-of-jail-free cards.

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