Michael Paredes and Joseph Santana police department headshots.

POLITICS: Woke Los Angeles DA George Gasc贸n has police officers’ blood on his hands

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Two El Monte police officers in Los Angeles County, Michael Paredes and Joseph Santana, were murdered in cold blood earlier this week by a gang member who should have been behind bars but instead was free to kill thanks to the so-called progressive criminal-justice polices in vogue in America鈥檚 cities, courtesy of woke legislators and prosecutors.聽

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gasc贸n, having spent a combined nine years as San Francisco鈥檚 DA and police chief, moved to LA and was elected to serve as its DA in 2020, bringing his pro-criminal policies with him.

Much of the responsibility for the murders of Cpl. Paredes and Officer Santana rests on Gasc贸n鈥檚 shoulders.聽

The cop-killer in question, Justin Flores, who was also killed in the shootout with the two officers, had served two prison terms for burglary and car theft and pleaded no contest to possessing a firearm as a felon last winter.聽

A day before the shooting, Flores鈥 probation officer filed for a revocation hearing after the suspect allegedly assaulted his girlfriend the week prior, violating his probation. Instead of waiting for the hearing behind bars, he was allowed to walk free according to Gasc贸n鈥檚 policies.聽

Los Angelos Police Officers Michael Paredes and Joseph Santana were allegedly killed by gang member Justin Flores Tuesday.
El Monte Police Department/Faceb

Gasc贸n鈥檚 pro-criminal policies are leading to more innocent people dying.聽

They鈥檝e allowed a record number of violent gang members, rapists, domestic abusers and murderers to be let off with a slap on the wrist, including reduced sentences and generous parole options.聽

California鈥檚 metastasizing criminal class know that they can get away with their actions, or at worse get reduced sentences, wait it out, and get right back to where they left off. LA County in particular has become a playground for criminals who prey on ordinary taxpayers, and Gasc贸n and soft-on-crime prosecutors like him openly signal to these predators that they won鈥檛 have to pay for their actions.

And the problem is not restricted to Gasc贸n. Look at Chesa Boudin, who replaced Gasc贸n as San Francisco鈥檚 district attorney in 2020, fought in court to eliminate money bail from the judicial system. In New York, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg basically promised to decriminalize shoplifting.聽

The backlash

But perhaps the tide is finally turning. Boudin was removed in a recall election, and the聽voters of Orange County, Calif., soundly rejected another pro-criminal candidate for their DA in favor of tough-on-crime incumbent Todd Spitzer, who won more than 60% of the vote.聽

If George Gasc贸n were not in office courtesy of LA County鈥檚 voters, these two slain police officers would have returned home to their wives and children. Instead, those women are now widows, and their children are fatherless.聽

A group holds signs calling for the DA's recall.
The fresh outrage at Gasc贸n鈥檚 soft-on-crime policies came on the same day a group trying to recall him reached the required 567,000 signatures.

Police officers always risk their lives when they put on the badge and go out on patrol, but they didn鈥檛 sign up to serve under a system that protects the criminals more than the victims or the peace officers. LA County has more residents than many US states, and they all deserve better.

Harmeet K. Dhillon is chairwoman of the Republican National Lawyers Association.

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