Young elites are protesting against their own best interests

POLITICS: Young elites are protesting against their own best interests

Something has gone wrong with the minds of young “elites.”  

I’m talking about those who have at least one postgraduate degree, earn more than $150,000 a year, and live in or near cities.

It turns out that while this group — roughly 1% of the US population — may reside in the United States, they inhabit an alternate reality — an alternate reality dominated by fear and loathing. 

They are afraid of climate change, seeing every summer storm or winter blizzard as a harbinger of death.

They still have night terrors over COVID, and are so fearful of the predicted rise of Disease X that some have started wearing masks—if they ever stopped. 

They are more than willing to sacrifice their freedom—and ours—in exchange for promises that the government will protect them from such dangers.

Most of all, however, they are afraid of mainstream America, those whom Harvard Law graduate Barack Obama famously scorned as “clinging to guns and religion.” 

Climate change is a big concern for America’s elites — 77% of them are in favor of rationing gas, energy, and even meat.   Getty Images

That’s why these overeducated snobs cheer when Joe Biden denounces half of his fellow Americans as “MAGA extremists.” 

They really do despise you.

Don’t take my word for it. 

To see just how far out of the mainstream — not to say out of their ever-lovin’ minds–America’s young elites are, look no further than a recent survey done by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, a group founded by economist Stephen Moore.

The Committee commissioned pollster Scott Rasmussen to survey 1,000 elites who fit the above profile, then he took a closer look at those who had attended an elite school like Stanford or Harvard. 

Pollster Scott Rasmussen surveyed 1,000 high-earning and highly-educated Americans to gain their views on social issues. Gage Skidmore/ Wikipedia

These “super elites,” as we might call them, turned out to be even more wackadoodle than the rest.

Take climate change for example.

The elites have worked themselves up into such a state of fear over a suggested rise of a couple of degrees in the earth’s temperature over the next century that they are willing to do without air conditioning, air travel, gas cars, and much else today.

Not only that, but they are determined to make you do without these modern conveniences as well.  

Some 72% of the elites, and a whopping 81% of the super elites, favor banning you from driving your kids to Disney World in a gas-powered vehicle. 

Almost as many would forbid you from flying to Hawaii — or anywhere else — on vacation.

It gets worse. To “combat climate change”, 77% of the elites, and nearly 90% of the supers, are in favor of rationing gas, energy, and even meat.  

All those stories you heard about being forced to eat bugs in lieu of beef? 

It seems that, if the elites had their way, you’d already be pouring milk on your breakfast of Captain Crunchy Bugs.

Our elites and supers are also astounded in the sheer amount of blind trust they have in the government. 

Despite the mismanagement of the COVID pandemic, the border, the economy, foreign policy — and almost anything else you can think of — 70% of elites still believe that Washington “does the right thing most of the time.”  

Going into the fourth year of the Biden administration, only a third of all Americans remain that trusting. Perhaps gullible is a better word.

As uber-elite Barack Obama famously stated, America’s masses are “clinging to guns and religion.” Not very elite at all. AP

Elite trust in the government also extends to schools. 

They believe—by a two-to-one margin–that school administrators and teachers, not parents, should decide what children are taught.

Ordinary Americans, many of whom worry that woke indoctrination is replacing the three r’s, hold the opposite view.  

What left me absolutely gobsmacked, however, was the elite’s answer to the following question: 

“Does the United States provide too much individual freedom, too much government control, or is the balance about right?”

Ask ordinary Americans this question, and most come down on the side of freedom. 

So concerned are elites with saving the planet that they’re willing to turn to insect products to reduce their impact on the environment. REUTERS

They will either say they are concerned about government overreach (57%), or that we have the balance just about right (27%).

After all, most still understand they are citizens of a country founded on the promise of liberty from a distant tyranny.

Our elites beg to differ. 

Almost half of them, and almost six out of every 10 Supers, say that Americans enjoy too much individual freedom.  

If this sounds like these elites are hungering for a socialist dictatorship, I can only say that, when I lived in China, I often heard Chinese Communist Party officials condemn America in exactly the same terms.  

It is jarring to think that nearly half of our Elites now agree with the Chinese. 

Now you know why our elites despise mainstream Americans. 

Not only do these snobs virulently disagree with the majority on nearly every issue, but they believe that their diplomas in journalism, gender studies, or whatever give them a natural right to control us as well.  

After all, as their intellectual, cultural, and moral inferiors, we should simply submit to their enlightened rule. 

Wear the mask, sheep. 

Eat the bugs, peasant.  

This also explains why these elites have become so hostile to democracy.  

In America the demos — the people — are supposed to be sovereign, not some self-appointed aristocracy. 

Stanford University is one of the most “elite” academic institutions in the US. The more elite folks are today, it seems, the more willing they are to forgo simple pleasures to reduce their impact on the earth. Shutterstock

Although the math skills of the elites are, in many respects, woefully deficient—gender studies courses do little to help in this regard–they can count.

And we–regular, main street, working-class, and rural Americans, vastly outnumber them. 

And always will.

That’s why they’re so afraid.

Steven W. Mosher is the president of the Population Research Institute and holds multiple postgraduate degrees from Stanford.

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