Did 'The Simpsons' predict the Apple Vision Pro?

SCIENCE & TECH: Did ‘The Simpsons’ predict the Apple Vision Pro?

The “Simpsons” is truly a Vision-ary series.

The world’s most clairvoyant cartoon has done it again. This time the Matt Groening-created animated comedy has been credited with forecasting the rise of the Vision Pro, Apple’s much-hyped virtual reality headset that is currently blowing up the tech sphere.

“The Simpson predicted the future .. Yet again,” gushed one X user describing the cartoon’s alleged foretelling of the tech, which dropped Friday in Apple stores.

For the uninitiated, these “Black Mirror”-esque devices — controlled by the eyes and hand gestures — allow viewers to enjoy a range of hyperrealistic VR experiences, from an Alicia Keys concert to a rhino charging right at them.

Despite their hefty $3,500 price tag, Apple sold out of its initial stock of the gadgets after customers bought around 200,000 units during the 10 days.

The Vision Pro might’ve only been released recently, however, their invention was allegedly foretold by the ever-prophetic “Simpsons” back in 2016.

A scene from the 2016 “The Simpsons” episode “Friends and Family. Disney / The Simpsons

In the prescient episode, entitled “Friends and Family,” Mr. Burns hires Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie to play his live-in virtual reality family as a trial run for a new headset that’s a dead ringer for the Vision Pro.

He subsequently releases the gadget to the public and all hell breaks loose: A montage shows various Simpsons characters wearing the obtrusive headset while walking into lampposts and falling into manholes.

As X users pointed out, these images rang eerily similar to somewhat dystopian photos and videos of people wearing Vision Pros in public.

A man runs into a lamppost in the “The Simpsons” episode “Friends and Family.” Disney / The Simpsons

These included a tech lover donning the conspicuous goggles on a New York City subway car, and another Apple Pro-sporting guy walking down a street in San Jose, California and interacting with objects only he can see like a crazy person.

“Simpsons nailed how ridiculous people look wearing the Apple Vision,” exclaimed one bemused X user.

Interestingly, both users and Apple industry insiders have criticized the bulkiness of the gadget, which runs on the alleged “world’s first spatial operating system” VisionOS.

Ahead of the Vision Pro’s release, a senior worker at Apple’s flagship store in Manhattan said he found the device “a little heavy,” adding that he couldn’t afford it.

“The Simpson predicted the future .. Yet again,” gushed one X user. Disney / The Simpsons

This latest prediction marks the latest in a mile-long list of events “The Simpsons” has been credited with foretelling.

Other eerily prescient predictions have included the Titanic submarine disaster, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Donald Trump becoming president.

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