Husband of missing Ana Knezevich refuses lie detector test: report

SCIENCE & TECH: Husband of missing Ana Knezevich refuses lie detector test: report

The estranged husband of a Florida realtor who vanished in Spain during a nasty divorce has refused to take a lie detector test by the FBI – even though he said he wanted to “clear the air” and prove he was connected to the case, according to a report.

Ana Knezevich, 40, a US citizen originally from Colombia, vanished in Madrid in early February while going through a bitter split from her husband, David Knezevich, 35, according to family and friends.

The Serbian-American man has refused to take a polygraph test offered by the FBI, the Spanish news outlet Caso Abierto reported, citing sources with knowledge of the probe, according to The Olive Press.

Ana Knezevich was reportedly going through a bitter divorce from husband David Knezevich when she disappeared. WPLG Local 10

Florida — where the couple used to live in Fort Lauderdale — accepts lie detector tests as evidence in criminal investigations but a suspect may refuse to take one, according to the report.

Last month, David said he wanted to “clear the air” over Ana’s disappearance, his lawyer, Ken Padowitz, told NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo.

He said the estranged husband was living in Serbia — and insisted the couple’s split was amicable.

Knezevich and her husband had run a tech consulting business in Florida before she traveled to Madrid for some peace of mind, according to her friends.

Asked why David had not traveled to Spain to assist local authorities, Padowitz said his client would be of little use.

“He has no friends in Spain, he has no relatives in Spain, he doesn’t own property in Spain, he doesn’t speak the Spanish language,” the lawyer told Cuomo last month.

The couple in an undated photo. Newsnation

“So, for him to be expected to all of a sudden fly to another country that he hasn’t been in and to attempt to do something there doesn’t seem very productive,” he added.

The attorney did not immediately respond Monday to requests for comment about the lie detector test report.

Ana rented an apartment in Madrid in December and had been corresponding regularly with her friends before going missing Feb. 2.

Knezevich’s friends and family don’t believe she sent the texts that came from her phone. AP

Her friend Sanna Rameau told WSVN she sent a text the day she vanished, but did not get a response.

The following day, she got a message from Ana’s phone saying she had met a man and they had a unique “connection” almost instantly.

“We received very bizarre messages from her phone, I have to say ‘from her phone’ because I don’t believe it was her sending it, that Saturday afternoon after she disappeared. That she had met a man on the street,” Rameau said.

Sanna Rameau (left) has said she believed Ana Knezevich (right) was in danger. AP
Rameau said she got a text from her friend’s phone saying she had met a man on the street and that they had an instant bond. AP

Rameau told the Daily Mail that her friend had recently been using the Bumble dating app and police have interviewed men she chatted with from the site.

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