It will also mark the third-largest US lottery jackpot in history.

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE: Americans share how they’d spend $1.3B Mega Millions lottery jackpot

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Americans told Fox News how they would spend their fortunes if they won the $1 billion Mega Millions jackpot.

“If I win the Mega Millions, baby, I’m gonna turn it up,” one woman, Chickay, told Fox News. “Dr. Miami, I’m gonna get me a brand new G-Wagon.”

The Mega Millions lottery surpassed $1 billion, the second largest in history, after a winning ticket with all six numbers wasn’t sold ahead of Tuesday’s drawing.

“Pay off my house and travel,” one woman told Fox News.

Many said they would donate a portion of their winnings.

“I’d take most of it and divide it up among various leftist causes, but I’d leave enough to buy a beach house for myself,” another woman said.

One woman, Jennifer, told Fox News: “I would start a nonprofit for people with domestic violence and addiction, and I would get a facility that had daycare and all that stuff in it.”

Others said they would help their families.

This will be the second-highest Mega Millions jackpot ever.
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One woman told Fox New’s she would “pay off all my family’s houses and debts.” She said she’d pay for her nephews’ school and then “travel some and probably donate the rest.”

Another woman said: “I personally would make donations to charities first, ’cause that’s really important to me. Then I would take care of all my family members.”

“And then I’d just vacation and chill,” she continued.

One woman, Nneka, tried to think more long-term.

“I would invest the majority of it,” Nneka said, noting that taxes would cut into her winnings. She said she’d “spend the rest on my family and live off of my investments.”

Mega Millions estimates the jackpot would pay out just over $600 million.

Some people just wanted to party.

“I probably would disappear for a year,” one man told Fox News. “Prior to that, I’ll have one big party.”

“I would invite my family members and some of my closest friends,” he continued. “And at the conclusion of that will be envelopes with something in it based upon your hierarchy in my life.”

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