A screenshot of a trail in an Australian national park.

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE: Hidden Australian infinity waterfall goes viral on TikTok

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An incredible infinity pool hidden in the wilderness of an Aussie national park has gone viral — but there is one detail putting off some locals.

If you search “Woy Woy Waterfall Pool” on TikTok and Instagram your feed will immediately be dominated by various clips showing off the “stunning” pool that lies within the Brisbane Water National Park, one hour and 15 minutes drive north of Sydney.

Many have described it as “breathtaking” and “tranquil” with the falls cascading down a towering rock face into a man-made swimming pool that overlooks the national park.

“The beautiful Woy Woy pools! Still dreamy in the rain,” one person wrote on Instagram alongside a clip.

Videos of a hidden infinity pool in Australia’s Brisbane Water National Park have gone viral on social media.
A picture of the woy woy pool at an Australian national park.
Many people on social media described the waterfall as “breathtaking” and “tranquil.”

A picture of someone swimming in the woy woy pool at an Australian national park.
“The beautiful Woy Woy pools! Still dreamy in the rain,” one person commented under the Instagram post.

However, as “beautiful” as it may seem, some have warned not to swim in the pool as the water may not be as hygienic as it appears.

“The water comes from a rubbish disposal nearby, definitely be careful putting head underwater,” one person responded, pointing out the possible reason for the murky, brown water.

“It’s a nice spot, but don’t swim in it after rains as linked to run-off and has lots of fecal coliforms,” another added.

While there is no evidence to back the commenters’ claim, there is a waste management facility mere kilometers away that shares natural waterways with Woy Woy Falls, according to the Daily Mail.

Despite concerns, the waterfall has continued to trend on social media with many making the trek to the “hidden” man-made infinity pool.

“Apparently it was used to put water into an abattoir nearby since they didn’t have access to any other water on the property,” one person speculated about its construction.

The pool can be a struggle to find, and while it is located on the Tunnel Fire Trail, it has many different routes.

A picture of a man in the infinity pool.
Some commenters on social media warned other to not swim in the pool for hygiene reasons.

A picture of people swimming in the infinity pool.
“It’s a nice spot, but don’t swim in it after rains as linked to run-off and has lots of fecal coliforms,” one user wrote under the viral video.

Coasties magazine has shared a step-by-step guide on how to get there, advising to first drive out of Woy Woy on Woy Woy Road heading to Kariong and West Gosford.

Once on the Firetrail, it explained to walk a kilometer where tourists will find a signpost that says to turn right for Tunnel Track and Rocky Ponds.

To the left is an unmarked track that tourists will need to follow for 15 minutes.

After hitting what appears to be a dead end, visitors have been advised to turn right, onto a smaller track.

After coming across a creek, tourists will need to wade through it where they will reach the top of the waterfall.

A picture of Woy Woy Waterfall.
The infinity pool can be hard to find on the Tunnel Fire Trail, with various routes leading to the waterfall.

A picture of Woy Woy Waterfall.
There are safety precautions for people when going into the pool, as the ledge is narrow and has large rocks underneath it.

The magazine explains there will be a path that opens up that will take visitors directly to the infinity pool.

People are advised to take safety precautions when jumping in for a dip as the ledge beside the pool is narrow and drops down to large rocks underneath.

The area surrounding the pool is also described as being small and not conducive to large crowds — it is good to cool off but too small for swimming.

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