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TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE: I have a split tongue and can taste two different foods at one time

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A viral body modifier never has to choose between Coke or Pepsi.

Brianna Mary Shihadeh, known as @flowerfriendly on TikTok, is a dreadlock artist from California who surgically split her tongue.

The southern Californian recently stunned her 1.7 million followers when she placed cans of the dueling fizzes in front of her — and then dipped both sides of her tongue into the different drinks.

Shihadeh wondered if she could tell the difference between the sodas, soaking her tongue for good measure.

“It’s so similar. They honestly taste the same,” she concluded.

“Just as a side note, I noticed more fizz on one side; it seemed like the Pepsi had more carbonation even though I opened it first,” she clarified in the comments.

The experiment has over 293,000 views.

Commenters went crazy for the content and suggested what Shihadeh should test out next.

Brianna Mary Shihadeh decided she couldn’t tell the difference between the drinks.
Jam Press Vid/@flowerfriendly

“A can of sprite and a McDonald’s sprite,” a user offered, while one suggested, “Milk and orange juice.”

“Mouthwash and orange juice,” another joked.

She reportedly also did a salty versus sweet taste test — with one glass containing sugar water and the other saltwater, which she said left her brain feeling confused. She was additionally “blown away” tasting soda and water at the same time.

Brianna Mary Shihadeh
Shihadeh has plenty of piercings and tattoos and completes her own dreadlocks.
Jam Press/@flowerfriendly

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