TikTok beauty accounts love this cheap lip stain.

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE: Influencers are using food dye as fake lipstick — but is it safe?

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TikTok is a dumping ground for endless beauty tips and hacks — and the latest one has raised some doubt over how safe it is.

Users are making their own lip-stain by directly applying food dye to their lips and creating their own colors by mixing various hues together.

TikTokers are adamant that the food coloring — usually used for zhuzhing up baked goods — is just like regular store-bought lip coloring and are praising its longevity,

“This literally just feels like a normal lip stain. I’m not even kidding,” popular TikTok creator Kirsty Belle told her 1.1 million viewers as she tried the food dye.

The beauty trick has gained attention from more beauty TikToker — including via user Sarah Wolak‘s experiments with various tints for which she garners more than 200,000 views each — spurring a trend of DIY lip stains. And, yes, it can get messy quickly if you’re not careful.

TikTok’s beauty community is loving this cheap lip-stain strategy.
Food dye is safe to eat, but how is it to apply as a lip stain?
Food dye is safe to eat, but what about applying it as a lip stain?

Food coloring is safe to eat, of course. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to put on your skin. The dye is likely to stain your flesh for a few days, although it shouldn’t do so permanently.

TikTok is a haven for DIY hacks, with users often touting tips and tricks — some amazing and some absurd.

Just last year, TikTokers were putting a few drops of cinnamon essential oil into their lip gloss and then generously applying it to their lips.

TikTok users were also dousing Q-tips with castor oil and applying it to their brows and eyelashes daily.

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