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TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE: Laura Henshaw deliberately initiates sex when husband Dalton is tired

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A fitness influencer has revealed one of her “sex secrets” to make her relationship appeared balanced when it comes to what happens in the bedroom.

Laura Henshaw revealed she attempts to initiate sex with her husband, Dalton, when he is exhausted.

On Keep It Cleaner’s podcast, of which Laura is a co-founder with Steph Claire Smith, she discussed what she did so things appeared balanced in her relationship.

On the episode she was chatting with her husband, who was filling in for her co-host, when she revealed he has a higher libido than her.

“So I’m often the one being like ‘No, I’m too tired,” Laura said on the podcast to her husband.

Laura Henshaw
Laura Henshaw said that her husband Dalton has a higher libido than her.

“So what I need to make sure I do so it’s not too unbalanced – I know he is so tired and he is not interested or he has a sore stomach or something and I’ve got no interest in having sex.

“But I need to appear interested so I get a token when you say no to use against you next time.”

Laura couldn’t hold back laughter as she confessed her tactics to her husband.

Laura Henshaw Dalton Henshaw
Dalton Henshaw now says he will take Laura’s requests for sex as a “challenge.”

Dalton appeared stunned in silence for a moment before joking he now sees it as a “genuine challenge”.

“Every time I’m going to rise up,” Dalton joked.

People were split in the comments section, with some finding it hilarious.

“Also, can admit I have done this too hahah,” one person commented on the snippet.

Another said: “Laura!!! Don’t share our secrets.”

A third labeled the move as “genius” while others confessed they had done the same in the past.

Not everyone was a fan, with some men saying if sex is on offer, they will find a way to make it work.

“I mean that doesn’t sound nice at all lmao,” one man said on the clip.

Another said: “This totally doesn’t work … sick or not, we will just do it.”

One even went so far as to say they would dump their partner over doing this.

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