Meteor 'so low you could hear it' streaks across Scotland

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE: Meteor ‘so low you could hear it’ streaks across Scotland

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Hope they remembered to make a wish on this once-in-a-lifetime shooting star.

At least 200 people in Scotland and Northern England are over the moon about a fireball streaking across the sky.

The UK Meteor Network has received hundreds of reports from people claiming they’ve seen and heard a loud bang from the fireball entering the atmosphere.

A video shot in Motherwell captured a bright object flying at a downward angle followed by a long tail. 

Some witnesses said the object was “so low you could hear it.”

“So far we have received 35 public reports about a fireball spotted at 21:00 and a couple of our cameras caught it,” the network tweeted about a sighting on Wednesday.

The meteor was reportedly heading from the south west over Ireland and across to Scotland. 

Some witnesses have claimed that the object crashed north of Glasgow, although there has been no proof of impact. 

“We saw it in Linlithgow West Lothian, Scotland. Heading south to north, green trail behind it. Amazing,” one witness told DailyMail.

The bright object flew at a downward angle and was followed by a long tail. 
UK Meteor Network
Real inquiries only: the UK Meteor Network asked Twitter users Wednesday to leave them out of any tweets about ” aliens, ufo’s or other nonsense.”

“Spotted in West Cumbria looking West over the Solway at approx 22:00, very long tail and slow trailing through the sky. I’ve seen similar fireballs in the past 10 years, but nothing as spectacular as this,” another person told the outlet.

“Did I legit just see a shooting star in Motherwell or is that something crashing out the sky?,” one skywatcher tweeted along with a video.

Someone else captured the comet in Dublin as it turned the sky green.

But not everyone is taking the sightings seriously. Wednesday night, the UK Meteor Network tweeted, asking people to exclude them from any funny business.

“We appreciate genuine reports and questions but if you are going to tweet about aliens, ufo’s or other nonsense, please do not include us. We are busy dealing with genuine reports,” the network requested.

Here in the states exactly one month ago, officials in northern Utah said a loud “boom” heard across the region was likely a meteor and not related to any seismic activity or military installations.

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