"Ivan Hrozniy kills his son" painting by Oleg Shupliak.

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE: Optical illusion could reveal inner thoughts about relationships

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This optical illusion could reveal what you find least attractive in relationships.

The optical illusion and painting by Oleg Shupliak is titled “Ivan Hrozniy kills his son.”

At first glance, the murder scene may seem quite clear.

However, pay attention to which image you notice first as this can saw a lot about what you find least attractive in relationships.

If you saw the man’s face in profile first, then you hate a stubborn streak when it comes to your romantic relationships, Your Tango reported.

“One of the things you adore about your significant other is the way they command a room,” the outlet said.

“There are leaders and followers in this life, and you couldn’t be more proud of the fact that you’re paired up with a leader. Sometimes they are going to be wrong, however, and when they are wrong, they are so not going to accept it.”

“Prepare for them to dig in their darn heels and stay there. Want to weather the storm? Try not to sink to their level.”

If you saw the red curtain first, then this means that you find drama in relationships to be incredibly unattractive.

“When you first met your partner, you loved how they were the center of attention wherever you two went. You felt so lucky to be with someone so charming and entertaining,” Your Tango said.

“But that charm can turn into something wretched when the two of you are fighting and they become grandiose and start trying to play dirty.”

If you first noticed the angry man, then you are really unattracted to people who have a short temper, a report says.
Oleg Shupliak

“Do your best to leave when this happens. Don’t play their game, or you might wind up saying something that you will only regret later.”

If you first noticed the angry man, then you are really unattracted to people who have a short temper.

“You love people who are brimming with passion and your partner is definitely one of them, but they’ve got a short fuse,” Your Tango said. “Luckily, it’s almost never directed your way.”

“When your partner loses their temper with you, do not engage. Nothing will make them more angry, and in the long-run they will learn that if they want to speak to you about something important, they’ll have to do it from a place of calm.”

And if you saw the man on his knees first, then this means that you hate when your lover is needy.

“When you two fell in love, you couldn’t get over how into you this person seemed to be,” Your Tango said. “They treated you like royalty and wanted to spend every waking minute with you. It made you feel so special.”

“Now it’s a little exhausting, it’s like they’re always around, and what was once nice is now suffocating. Ask for what you need and tell your partner when you need some time to yourself.”

“If they’re worth keeping around they’ll understand and give you the space you need.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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