Kanye West says reading is like eating brussel sprouts.

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE: Reading books is like ‘eating Brussels sprouts’

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A book a day keeps Ye away.

Eccentric rapper and Pete Davidson’s former love rival Kanye West confessed that he’s never actually read a book, going on to compare literature to icky green vegetables.

Yeezy’s remarks came Friday on an episode of the “Alo Mind Full” podcast just a day after Rolling Stone reported that parents must sign nondisclosure agreements to send their children to West’s $15,000-per-year, non-accredited Donda Academy outside of Los Angeles.

“I actually haven’t read any book,” West told hosts Danny Harris and Alyson Wilson.

“Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.”

The “College Dropout” artist continued, expressing that he also has a Will Smith-esque fear for the future of technology.

Kanye West says reading is like eating Brussels sprouts.

“I can have a tendency to just be, like, paranoid of robots, but it’s a way that we have to exist,” West, who produced “Stronger” from samples of the famously robot-mimicking DJ duo Daft Punk, said. 

“I mean, ‘Star Wars’ is my, you know, college. I spent way more hours in ‘Star Wars’ than I spent in college,” West added, saying he predicts our future to resemble George Lucas’ universe from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

More head-scratching than his commentary is the designer’s exclusive, Christian pre-K through 12th grade Simi Valley academy named for his late mother, author and professor — one that featured uniforms from his now terminated Gap deal.

Parkour is listed as part of the daily curriculum for the near 100 students and Rolling Stone reported the principal and executive director, 28-year-old Brianne Campbell, has never formally held a position in education.

Kayne West recently admitted to never reading a book and that he has uneasiness over robots. He is seen with his mother and author Donda West.
Kayne West recently admitted to never reading a book and that he has uneasiness over robots. At right, he’s seen with his mother and author Donda West.
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

According to the Donda Academy website, it aims “to provide the youth with the passion, purpose and spiritual foundations they need to thrive in tomorrow’s world.”

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