2 suspects busted in violent NYC home invasion that left girl, 5, with concussion, mom hurt: NYPD

NEWS: 2 suspects busted in violent NYC home invasion that left girl, 5, with concussion, mom hurt: NYPD

Two suspects were busted Wednesday in connection to the terrifying December home invasion in which a Staten Island mom of two was pistol-whipped and her 5-year-old daughter was concussed, police said. 

Elliott Knight, who has more than 30 prior arrests, and Michael Conley, who has 17 previous busts on his rap sheet, were both picked up at their homes on a Supreme Court indictment and charged with burglary, cops said. 

Knight and Conley, both 28, were part of an “amateurish” team of four who authorities previously said appeared to have targeted the Manor Heights home near Livingston Avenue and Queen Street around 12:45 a.m. Dec. 18 in a bid for money. 

Elliott Knight and Michael Conley were arrested for a December home invasion in Staten Island. DCPI

Home security camera footage of the harrowing heist showed the masked, hoodie-wearing men entering the residence after cops say they kicked in the door.

Three of them were seen brandishing handguns as they made their way through the home, which was occupied by the young girl, an autistic 4-year-old boy, their 33-year-old mother and a 54-year-old nanny, police said.

One of the men targeted the mother, hitting her in the head with a gun, authorities said. 

“I was alone. I was sleeping. That’s the scary part because they knew they knew my husband was not home…first thing I realized, they turned on the light, and they put the gun in my head, and he’s like ‘b—h, give me the money,’” the woman, who asked to remain anonymous, previously told The Post. 

The suspects allegedly pistol-whipped a mother in the house and left one of the children with a concussion. DCPI

The violent crew also demanded jewelry, cops said.

“I was in shock. And then I said, ‘Usually, my husband leaves money here,’” she said of the walk-in closet.

When the gunman couldn’t find any money inside, he allegedly smashed her face into the closet door frame.

The gunman then went downstairs to continue his search, before one of his accomplices then brought her daughter and nanny into the room.

“While this happens, the other guy brings my daughter, and he puts her on the floor. And in the beginning, I was not freaking out. I said they’re not gonna do anything to the kids, but he brought her in and she had a huge bruise. I don’t know where he did it,” she said.

After seeing her daughter’s injuries, she feared the thieves were capable of anything, including shooting her young family. Somehow, they didn’t find her young son, who slept through the attack.

The thieves eventually rushed out, only making off with cell phones, according to police.

The mother and daughter were taken to the hospital, where the girl was given a CAT scan and diagnosed with a concussion.

The duo were charged with burglary. DCPI

“The mom suffers a laceration to her head from being hit with a gun and the 5-year-old female is somehow struck in the face,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny told reporters a day later. “We don’t know how because one of the perpetrators threw the child to the floor. We’re not sure if she sustained that injury from that or from being struck by one of the perpetrators.”

The mother told The Post she has a strong reason to believe the robbery was carefully planned because the robbers knew her husband wasn’t going to be home.

Investigators also believe the robbery was “targeted” — but that doesn’t mean the operation was sophisticated, with Kenny calling the suspects “amateurish.”

“At one point when the three of them make entry with the guns a fourth perpetrator joins them in the kitchen and almost gets himself shot, which I thought would have been ironic,” Kenny said.

“They don’t seem to really know what they’re doing. They don’t seem to be familiar with the location, quite frankly a little amateurish if you ask me,” he added. “But obviously they had no problem pistol-whipping an innocent woman in front of her child and hitting that child to the point she gained a concussion and she was vomiting.”

Police did not provide more details on Knight and Conley’s prior arrests.

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