NYC Council Women's Caucus called out for suddenly caring about crime after several women sucker punched

NEWS: NYC Council Women’s Caucus called out for suddenly caring about crime after several women sucker punched

Members of the City Council’s Women’s Caucus are being called out as hypocrites for suddenly caring about crime when they’ve been accused of voting for laws to handcuff the NYPD.

“We are deeply disturbed & concerned about widespread reports of attacks against women in NYC that have been confirmed by the NYPD,” the caucus said in a Wednesday post on X, reposted by individual council female members, citing attacks against women in lower Manhattan.

“We’re calling on the NYPD for an immediate and comprehensive investigation into these incidents with transparent updates to the public,” they said. “Amid an alarming trend in violence against women, this kind of violence is reprehensible.”

The City Council’s Women’s Caucus posted a message calling on the NYPD to investigate several incidents of women being randomly punched in New York City.
Bronx Councilwoman Amandama Farias was criticized for reposting the statement. New York City Council

The statement comes after a series of reports of women being sucker punched

Bronx Councilwoman Amanda Farias was slammed by fellow council members when she reposted the women’s caucus statement.

“Where is the Women’s Caucus on increasing penalties on recidivists?” responded Councilman Joe Borelli, the Republican minority leader from Staten Island.

Queen Councilman Bob Holden called the statement from the caucus the “height of hypocrisy.” Alec Tabak

Queen Councilman Bob Holden said, “Any statement for the single mom grieving the murder of her husband killed by two individuals with a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt? And no mention that these perps assaulting random women on the street constantly walk through the revolving door of soft-on-crime policies?”

Holden, in a subsequent interview with The Post, said, “It is the height of hypocrisy.”

He noted that many members of the women’s caucus also double as members of the progressive caucus who support defunding the police.

Several women have recently reported being sucker punched while walking in the city. Halley Kate / TikTok

These are also the same council members who voted for the law requiring police officers to file reports on even more minor interactions or stops with the public — over the objections of Mayor Eric Adams and the NYPD.

He also pointed out the statement came out on the day of the funeral of police officer Jonathan Diller, who was shot and killed by a serial criminal he approached during a traffic stop.

“It was a mistake to post that statement. It was in poor taste,” Holden said.

Members of the women’s caucus declined comment.

But one female council member, who requested anonymity, was surprised by the blowback.

“Men should support women. Random violent acts are happening to women,” the councilwoman said.

“It sure is interesting. No one was talking about these crimes until we issued a statement.”

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