Ohio high school English teacher, Jennifer Ruziscka, resigns after OnlyFans account discovered

NEWS: Ohio high school English teacher, Jennifer Ruziscka, resigns after OnlyFans account discovered

A 50-year-old high school teacher resigned when her OnlyFans account was discovered by her school district, becoming just the latest educator to lose their job because of their adult content side hustle.

Jennifer Ruziscka has worked within the Springfield (Ohio) Local School District for nearly 30 years, before her career was upended in January when school officials learned about her “pornographic/sexually graphic website,” according to WTOL.

The Springfield High School English teacher faced discipline because her presence and content on the subscription sites OnlyFans and Fansly had violated her teaching licenses conduct and technology policies.

“Springfield Local Schools was made aware of allegations where one of its teachers was participating in conduct unbecoming of a professional educator,” district Superintendent Matt Geha told the outlet. “That teacher was put on administrative leave as of Monday, January 29, 2024, with the last day in the classroom Friday, January 26, 2024.”

Jennifer Ruziscka resigned from her job as a high school English teacher in January after the school district discovered her OnlyFans and Fansly accounts.

Geha launched an investigation into Ruziscka on Jan. 26, and obtained and confirmed “the evidence was secured with guidance from the district attorney” the following day, WTOL reported, citing a letter the superintendent sent to the Ohio Board of Education on Feb. 2.

Ruziscka, whose mature content is posted under the name “Jenniferssecrets,” was also a cheerleading coach and yearbook advisor with a salary of $74,720.00 at the time she resigned.

Photos of the scantily clad teacher wearing lingerie were attached to her file for the investigation into her accounts which feature mostly blurred out photos of her recommending potential viewers to pay one of the three subscriptions set up to view the content.

The three separate subscriptions Ruziscka offers are based on the what can be viewed, from a “Sneak Peek” for $25 to “Full Disclosure” for $99.

“If you can keep a secret, you can call me Miss Jennifer, the one who can give you some lessons focused solely on a lady’s libidio,” a portion of Ruziscka’s bio reads on the smaller, subscription based site, Fansly.

Ruziscka was also a cheerleading coach and yearbook advisor with a salary of $74,720.00 at the time she resigned. Facebook
Ruziscka had worked at the school district for 28 years before her resignation. wtol

Ruziscka resigned from the school on Jan. 29, two days before a disciplinary meeting was scheduled.

She defended her X-rated hobby by quoting Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

“In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, as Juliet laments Romeo being a Montague, the only son of her family’s great enemy, she recognizes, ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,’ ” Ruziscka told WTOL.

“Likewise, people can label me anything they want to; however, it doesn’t change the commendable level of dedication and exemplary work ethic I execute as an educator. Regardless of what I do in my private life for the sake of keeping a roof over my family’s head and a car parked in the garage, I remain one of the greatest English teachers ever to serve in the Springfield Local School District. 

“My students learn to value their personal and academic growth in my classroom, which is an environment where they are embraced for their individuality, they are engaged to apply their talents, and they are enlightened about their true potential. The numerous accolades and recognition I have earned over the 28 years I spent in SLS is evidence of that.”

She has since gotten a position as a 7-12 grade ELA tutor for an online learning platform to reduce dropout rates, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Ruziscka is just the latest teacher to be put under investigation and subsequently resign after their OnlyFans and other adult content sites were discovered by their schools.

Ruziscka has since gotten a position as a 7-12 grade ELA tutor online. Facebook

Last Sept. Missouri teacher Brianna Coppage’s OnlyFans account she ran with her husband was discovered.

Coppage would resign weeks later and eventually got a job as a community support specialist at Compass Health but lasted only five days before she was fired because of her adult content.

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