Biden, Bernie Sanders would surrender US freedom to our enemies

POLITICS: Biden, Bernie Sanders would surrender US freedom to our enemies

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) laid out the case in Foreign Affairs for America’s surrender to the rest of the world, ending its status as a beacon of freedom.

Essentially an America Last approach far too many in this country embrace, it is why Donald Trump’s election in November is so important to America and the world.

Sanders attributes the world’s maladies and chaos to a strong America embodied by our first-class military, world-class companies and core belief in economic and personal freedom.

It’s typical socialist-Marxist drivel.

To create a peaceful and prosperous world, Sanders argues, America must weaken our military, control private wealth creation and focus on prioritizing global issues over those that matter most to the American people. 

This vision of foreign policy and national security may sound absurd to much of the country, but it is both real and extremely dangerous.

Marx’s ideology is back in force for the radical left, and these ideas are par for the course.

Personal freedom must be subjugated for the “good” of everyone else, as defined by the elite, a conviction that ultimately leads to totalitarianism, repression and the destruction of the human spirit.

It demands we focus your hard-earned wealth and America’s national will on radical, globalist goals while assuming our adversaries will do the same. They won’t.

It requires America to give up its place as the world’s greatest force for good and capitulate to those who wish to see America relegated to the trash heap of history.

The Biden administration’s tenure has provided ample evidence to negate Sanders’ naïve vision.

Biden climate czar John Kerry recently stated that if Russia were to “make a greater effort to reduce emissions,” people would “feel better” about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine — an invasion that’s cost the lives of thousands of Ukrainians and roiled global energy markets. 

The Trump administration’s tough approach to countering the Chinese Communist Party has been replaced with one focused on fighting climate change; it’s resulted in the CCP approving permits for new coal power projects at the equivalent of two plants every week, while Biden’s massive green subsidies have enriched CCP-owned companies that control green-energy supply chains.

In Afghanistan, President Biden sought a hasty, politically motivated withdrawal contrary to what the Trump administration had negotiated; the Taliban stormed through the country and 13 American soldiers died as a result.

Team Biden reversed the Trump policy of maximum pressure on Iran and instead sent the mullahs billions of dollars that helped fund terrorist organizations like Hamas, which killed 1,200 innocent Israelis Oct. 7 and is still holding Americans and Israelis hostage.

What Sanders and his fellow travelers in the Biden administration fail to understand is America and the Western world are fundamentally in competition with nations like China, Russia and Iran — a competition of their choosing, not ours.

In this environment, we can’t cooperate until we establish a model of deterrence that persuades our adversaries not to pursue conflict.

If instead we subordinate deterrence to political projects that undermine it, our adversaries will recognize our weakness and take advantage of us time and time again. 

International institutions alone will not keep our adversaries from committing gross human-rights violations or waging wars of aggression.

In just the last four years, the CCP has used its position on the United Nations Human Rights Council to discourage debate over its genocide against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang; Russia used its veto power to keep the UN Security Council from passing a resolution condemning its unlawful invasion of Ukraine; and Iran’s regime has routinely used its “useful idiots” within the UN to attack Israel and secure more aid for proxies like Hamas.

Doubling down on our commitment to multilateralism and international organizations while slashing our defense budget will only make these problems worse.

Building a deterrence model alongside partners and allies who share our interests — in the Middle East, Europe or East Asia — is the only way to keep our adversaries in check while advancing peace and prosperity for all.

Finally, we should never fall for the socialist lie that America’s leadership or our way of life leads to exploitation, poverty or suffering.

It is just false.

This kind of talk might be common in an Ivy League classroom, but the facts tell a different story: American exceptionalism isn’t just good for Americans, it is great for the world.

The incredible discoveries and advancements that have saved millions of lives and alleviated poverty in just the last 30 years are largely due to the unique combination of dynamism and innovation in America’s private sector.

And America’s efforts to maintain the integrity of global commons and free trade are the foundation of a global economy that enables all nations to prosper.

The United States is a force for good in the world.

Given rising challenges from authoritarian regimes in Beijing, Moscow and Tehran in response to President Biden’s weakness, American leadership is needed now more than ever — not only to prevent further war and strife, but to safeguard the freedoms and security of the American people.

I pray that on Jan. 21, 2025, President Trump will return to the White House and put America back on course.

Mike Pompeo was secretary of state from 2018 to 2021.

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